From the recording Don't Quit On Me


I see those yellow ribbons flying now, baby
And the flags hang from the cars and houses now, baby
And it doesn’t seem there’s any end in sight
If our pride won’t let us back down from this fight

I‘m a crane man down at #4, and I’ve been working all my life
And I’ve kept my obligations to my three kids and my wife
Now the local bank’s foreclosing on our home
And we’re scratching by to make it on our own

Don’t quit on me tomorrow
There’s no quit in me tonight
This path we’re bound to follow
Can lead us to the light
There’s 40 million reasons
Why we can’t win the day
If we don’t quit on each other
Love will help us find our way

Well some foreign outfit bought the mill; and they shut that sucker down
Then they sold for scrap the lives we built for pennies on a pound
What is it that we’re really living for?
When we can’t afford a doctor anymore?


We’re all connected
If one goes down, we’re all affected
Why do we have to choose?
If we stand together
And reason that it’s now or never
What do we have to lose?

Do we take responsibility now, baby?
Or simply go on disability now, baby?
And we’re fighting to defend this way of life
But it’s harder now to tell the wrongs from rights