From the recording Don't Quit On Me


I was halfway to Boston on the eve of the Fourth of July
I stopped overnight in a town on the Tennessee line
Had dinner at a nice little diner, then I walked to the neighborhood bar
I had a rather long conversation with an ex-officer of the law
As I was sneaking out, this momasita
She said I’m drinkin’ lime and tequila
And asked if I would mind too much taking a ride

Well you know I couldn’t see that fine lady with a D U I
But my bullshit meter had its needle pointed right at the sky
We pulled into her place, she powdered her face, and then she started to cry
She said she hadn’t been with anybody since her boyfriend told her good-bye
I said I wouldn’t mind sleeping over
She smiled, and said I really didn’t know her
But when she took my hand, I was thinking
You know I was thinking? You know what I was thinking?

I wonder if heaven is really so cool
I’m sure there’s a curfew and thousands of rules
And the line to the big guy is eternal you see
But I’m not sure that heaven is the right place for me

Here’s what it is, what it was, and what it wasn’t to be
We went into the house, and no problems that I could foresee
But instead of making out, she pulled out a pistol and a bible to read
She asked if I would mind reading with her; that my soul needed saving indeed
She said she was a Sunday school teacher,
Her daddy was a Pentecostal preacher.
And if I wanted to get outta there alive
I’d sit there by her side, all night there by her side


The next morning I slipped out for some coffee
Then bolted out the door with my car keys
As I was headed north and my freedom
I thought that I was dreaming, I thought that I was dreaming…