1. Over My Head

From the recording Don't Quit On Me


I can still recall the moment that I heard the words she said
It’s then I realized, “I’m in over my head”
And I really can’t imagine what would make her feel this way
Always treat her bad; Guess I’m made that way

I’ll take it in stride
I never felt this way inside
I’m drowning instead
I must be in over my head

Well I don’t do sentimental; I’ve a rep you understand
Don’t like those couples pics, I’m not that kinda man
Yet through all my indecision, she maintains the same mystique
All my strength is gone and my knees are weak

I have to decide
I never felt this way inside
This feeling of dread
I must be in over my head

Far and away, she’s the best thing that’s happened to me
I don’t know, things are moving fast
This isn’t yesterday; it’s too late anyway you see
I’m out of my head if she’s far away from me

So I analyzed my options from the top and A to Z
Should I break her heart - that would be just like me
And I came to this conclusion: that I could not make her cry
Couldn’t find the strength to say the words “goodbye”

It’s different this time
I never felt this way inside
I’m smiling instead
Because I’m in over my head