1. Mary and Jerry

From the recording Don't Quit On Me


Mary & Jerry had a master plan
Leaving California in a big old van
Left everything but the shirt on their backs
With two little kids and a couple of cats
The southwest summer desert never looked so good

Five years ago they headed west to live at the left coast
The visions of golden highways soon faded away.
Adventure gave way to reality
As countless many hours did eventually
The sun-drenched winter beaches never felt so good

And along the way they laughed; and along the way they cried
They never dwelt on sadness; and they got on with their lives
Forget about yesterday

The scenery stayed the same, they stared at the window
In Cortez, Mary knew that there was something wrong
They started feeling better down in Santa Fe
“We’ll turn our luck around, and we’ll have it made”
“I’ll get the gun, you get the kids, and then we’ll be gone”



Sometimes to just survive
You gotta cool your heals and let the big dreams die
Don’t think of how this will end
Destiny provides, Destiny provides, Destiny provides, Destiny provides
Yeah,Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!

So Mary and Jerry found their way back out of the game
Somehow familiar, but somehow not the same
Made it home, settled down, and had no regrets
With lots of little secrets and no way to forget
Sunshine fading in the rearview out in the west