1. Broken Windows

Broken Windows is a NON-political call to action for people to "Wake Up" & "Stand Up" for what is right; to find solutions to our racial differences by having a conversation and caring about others.


Terry’s standing on his corner, waiting for a ride
Hoody pulled up on his head; it’s cold outside
Cruiser gliding down the street, Terry cuts and runs
Book bag strapped across his back; does he have a gun?

It’s a situation, is justice colorblind?
Through these broken windows, your life is on the line
Wake Up!

Late at night, traffic stop, dashcam at the scene
Officer needs backup, but it’s all routine
Breaking news, a hero’s down, a victim dressed in blue
A moment’s indecision, but it’s nothing new

It’s a situation; let’s go for a ride
Through these broken windows, it’s a fight to stay alive
Wake Up!

(Bridge 1)
It’s just not right, it’s not right; it’s not changing anything
Can we get along? Let’s try to work it out…

(Bridge 2)
Choke me for a cigarette; shoot me if I flee
Throw me in the system until I can’t breathe
If you kneel upon my civil rights, abuse authority
Is it hatred or intolerance or you and me?

Let’s have a conversation; we have no other choice…
Wake Up! Wake Up!
Two Americas, don’t misunderstand
Stand Up! Stand Up!
It takes a lotta love to take somebody’s hand
To make a better plan
And fix these broken windows, it’s time to take a stand!

Wake Up! Wake Up!
New York City
Stand Up! Stand Up!
Jersey too

Wake Up! Wake Up!
Stand Up! Stand Up!
We’re watching you

Wake Up! Wake Up!
Baltimore City
Stand Up! Stand Up!

Wake Up! Wake Up!
Ferguson, Missouri
Stand Up! Stand Up!
What have you got to say?

Wake Up! Wake Up!
Stand Up! Stand Up!

Wake Up! Wake Up!
To make a difference
Stand Up! Stand Up!
We have to care